Try and earn the love of waifu's by replying to their messages!


Here's a small demo of something we worked on; unfortunately we never got round to finishing it due to being busy, however we thought we'd release it so people can still enjoy what content this has! The characters may be re-purposed for a smaller game, but for now 'Waifu Messenger' is simply here to finish up and put away a project that's been collecting dust on our end for a while.

[ This game is about choosing the correct replies - if you fail, simply restart by refreshing the page or restarting the app. ]

Here's some content that was drawn but isn't in the game:


Waifu Messenger.apk 24 MB


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Please update this.


In the final version, the game will have different ways according to the answer, or gonna be just a "choosing correct replies"? Anyway, i loved to play this demo

it takes is long to load i'm still waiting its been 20mins...


It doesn't need to load, just swipe the circle on the bar.



plz update this

Maybe have a patch so it doesn't crash?


Is it possible to download this in windows, perhaps?


Idol-Chan will tell me I'm cute, and then the game stops. Is this supposed to happen?

The same happened to me


Oh! Do not worry. The game isn't broken or anything. This is just the demo. It says so in the description.


when i press launch it appear white. I wait for a lil while but it still white.


Same with me, it lets me scroll, but it's still just white the whole way down.


Can you only talk to Idol Waifu to start? 


I like NEET Waifu the best.


OMG I love your art so much! I love this little concept and it inspires me to want to make my own!

I second this ^^