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This is Kathy, an experiment!


I helped :D

This was a girl I made in high contrast. She looks terrifying XD



 i tried but it didnt look cute so i used two more colors but not that that much so yeah :> any way... here is the strengths and weaknesses and stuffs. 

strengths: defense, speed, and positivity

weaknesses: attacking, negativity, fire and sharp things

likes: anything cute, steak, pastel blue and pink

dislikes: blood, pain, bullies, vegetables, goth

she is a cyclops that was raised in the mountains and moved to the city. as soon as she moved she in she fell in love with place. she took a job as a you tuber  to answer questions, vlogs, and cosplay!  ( just after a few days she became famous! her life is very good and is very happy!

i dont know what to name her ;-;

What does that mean? I'm stupid.

I KINDA tried to make me....

heh is it accurate?

She is a random girl I made..... she has no name. :/

what about Neveah ( heaven backwards)

Good idea!!! XD

Ur welcome


here's my sister( aka) Hamstalove

hah she looks a lot like you

yeah not really in real life

Yeah.... you guys look way different in real life

i saw others do high contrast so i did it but if you look in high contrats its sooooo cute

She's like a smol dark demon UwU


... If you made a dark person in high contrast it would be pastel....

sorry i havent been on in a while so this week is alien or space.

(p.s i was thinking if you would like to draw it that be ok to :3)

She's cute! ❤

idk what this is but it's cute so wgaf - p.s she's babey

just saw that post by GryffinBnha in the high contrast mode so i tried it. I was trying to make a swamp monster girl but this is what i got.

Nice swap girl.whats her name?

That's a good idea o.o

this is shakira 

Yuki, a cold, lazy person.

Meh cat's name is Yuki. She is also cold and lazy. 🐱

I need some insperation! Anybody got any?

uhhhhhhhhhhhhh make yourself as a monster

Ok! That'll be a struggle 0w0



so these are some of my characters

I made a character in high contrast mode to see how she would turn out with the normal setting. When I was done I turned off high contrast and I really think she looks good both ways!


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Strengths: Responsible, disciplined, self-controlled, good manager.

Weaknesses: "Know-it-all", relentless, condescending, always expects the worst.

Emma likes: Family, tradition, music, discretion, quality crafts.

Emma dislikes: Almost everything at some point.

When it comes to professionalism and traditional values, Emma is the first. Emma is practical and is regarded as a very serious person, with an independence that allows significant progress on both a personal and business level. For Emma there is nothing more important in life than family. Emma is a master of self-control and has the potential to be a great leader or manager as long as it is in the business sphere. Emma is practical and responsible, and knows how to save money for the future. She is a master when she needs to prove that she is right. Emma can sometimes be very stubborn. She strives to reach the top only with her experience. Problems can occur when Emma is forced to be too close to her associates. She has difficulty accepting differences in others and, in such situations, she sees a need to control people or impose her traditionalist values. She thinks she is the only one who knows how to solve a problem, but she must learn to forgive others, to allow them to be who they are and to stop condemning them.

My god I love Emma and everything about her.

Thank you! I always try to make my characters with flaws and strengths, she personally is one of my favorites too

Mine need that too... :O

me too

this is Cowyia be nice please.o-o -_- yeah you

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She's so cute! 🐄

OMg i luuuuv this  so much ahhhhhhhhhhh <3




its me

you are beautiful

thank you

ahhh sorry i accidentally reported you eeeeeeek 

you are welcome

for saying you are beautiful 

what did you name her? what is she? lol 

She's probably a bee monster lol

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omg u should call her bumble cuz she reminds of honey🐝

queen bee


My best friend as a Monster Girl! (Hope she likes it!) :D


She does!

I like it 

Thanks! I'll tell her :)


My first monster girl! Her name is Sweet. She is an alien! 😀

I didn't add a nose lol


she reminds me of persian the Pokemon

She looks like Hermione when she was a cat... but much cuter



Scrolling through comments... and I see my nightmares.... it's a fine day!


Zombie or elf? 



this is Ash the alian

She is so cute! XD

Deleted post

this is dollface


stella (     :


im fully addicted to this game ahaha


i made a christmas-ish girl ahaha

I ship these two robots that I made.

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Triplets that I did months ago. [Remake, were twins]

They are from a demon mother and a cupid father.

They all have an incredible ability to see on the dark. (WARNING: Long)

Amy, she decided to take in the demon works from her mother and is currently on training from her, she uses her horns as torches.

Her voice: (Here)

Her aesthetic: (Here)

Aurora, dyed her hair light pink and dresses in all pink clothing, she does her best to hide her demon ancestry, even though she loves her family, as she wants to take her father's work, she doesn't think cupids are very fond of her mother or sisters. Even though she does her best to fit in with them, she feels like she is alienating herself from her family and friends.

Her voice: (Here)

Her aesthetic: (Here)

Lilith, as she didn't know what she wanted to be, she decided to be a succubus, she takes hypnosis classes from her aunt.

Her voice: (Here)

Her aesthetic: (Here)

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these are so cute :  )

my fav is Aurora


my fav is amy 

Amy's pretty cool!

my cutie :P

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