Available on Android & iOS (recommended)!

Ever wanted to create your own cute monster character but didn't know where to start? Lost on what aesthetics they should have, what face details or hairstyle they could wear? Well, Monster Girl Maker could help you with those worries!

Monster Girl Maker is a character creator where you can design a variety of portraits using over 800 different parts; skin, eyes, mouth, eyebrows, hair, accessories & clothes.

- Click on the bottom arrow to access the character parts.
- Drag left and right on the tab menu, or tap the arrow buttons, to go through the different sections. 
- Click on the left arrow to access the save/load section. Swipe left to close it.
- Click on view icon to hide the UI. Click anywhere to show it again.

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Heres a creation I made from MGM2

is it satyr?

sorry for the random pic just seeing if i can post things!


you could've tested it with a monster girl tho

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reminds of todoroki

does this game load long or is it just my I pad

its just your pad

I got inspired by a song so I made this! 

She's based off of a Seraphim!

Love it it’s so pretty



awww soo kawaii

Maybe a yeti monster? It was going to be blue and white but I decided that warmer tones looked better on her ο½‘^β€Ώ^q

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i made this new character im going to draw her but i dont know wht to name her tho i do know i want it to with A do you all have any names?

btw she like 7 or 8

May be Acacia, Anna, or Akemi?

i like Acacia thank you!

here is my drawing uwu

im bad at digital art so i did it on real paper ;-;


I Made My Male Homestuck Troll Oc. :o)

I made The galaxy

dollhouse and everthing black

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ThAT draWInG iS Go0d

edit: i suck at digital art ;-;

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thanks but its not mine though I did edit it and add the background

here's the original

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oh.. uhmmm the backrounds really good ^W^



E-boy Rick

is this a meme????




Can you get rid of the clips in this hairstyle?? I’ve seen others without the clips and I’d like to know... (sorry this is sorta random)

You can't get rid of them, on older updates it didn't have the clips, now it's permanent

Oh, that makes sense! Thanks for the answer

see the the camra push or click that

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Octopus family! (Kinda long) [Edited!]







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i love the concept of the octopus and the way you managed to make all of them different in heir own way, however, don't try using just a single color palette shade for each of them, it looks a bit lazy.

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my biggest flaw is that I'm not very good with mixing colors palettes, thank you for the criticism! I'll try to mix more colors in the future

edit: I'm currently re-making them with more colors

edit2: done!

the color palette are customizable as your own, they're not just color presets, you make any color you want, so maybe you should try using coolors.co and imitating those same colors for the palette, and see if it looks good!


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this is kimberly 

Surprisingly I have a story for this one.

This is the old Rosebush she's been growing in the garden for years and is wisest out of all the flowers, but one day she fell into a deep sleep and no one understands why, only her third eye stays awake and watches over the garden as she slowly over grows. But there has been whispers that she will awake again and bestow powerful wisdom among all of the garden, plant and animal people alike.

goat frisk(chara)

=) (pls dont copy.)

should i make a new oc?



Isn't this place just for posting actual MGM OC's? you can post your other art style in your bio, but not here, and also, try to make the arms a little longer and not do eyes going through hair,-

You seem to critisize a lot, maybe hold off???


WTF? SO IM NOT ALLOWED TO SHOW MY OPINION?? that's what people post their OC's on MGM, SO THEY CAN CRITISIZE IT AND LEAVE SOME REVIEWS! this is my opinion, and you have your own opinion, so..

This is Kohana, she is a flower goddess.

She is pansexual, and she is currently single.

She stays likes to go to the forest and make friends with most of the animals. Sometimes she likes to go to the abandoned cabin.

She is an introvert and she doesnt like making eye contact with people, whenever she does she usually has a breakdown. She sometimes goes to the beach with her parents, but she doesn't stay on the dock with Kaiyo.

Her age is 12, she was adopted by Kaiyo and Nami.

Her hobby is making friends and talking with animals.


Cute :>


Her mouth...?


I love it!

Thank you!!

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She have a mouth, why? ;-;


It's not like I don't like it, it's just unusual lol, she's pretty cute!

oh, thank you!



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This is Kaiyo, she is a cyclops demon. Her nickname is Crimson Cyclops.

She is homosexual, and married with Nami.

She hangs out downtown usually, she gets a lot of weird looks. She rebels against a lot of things, and usually flirts with Nami. 

She is a pervert, and takes care of Nami 24/7. Whenever Nami goes on the beach Kaiyo is right by her. Whenever Nami goes in the sea she will wait by the dock, or swim a bit.

Her age is 25, and she has been with Kaiyo for 9 years. Her child is Kohana.

Her hobby hanging out, walking, and binge-watching. She eats a lot and then excersizes after. She is cold and mean to other people, but she never is mean too Nami.


honestly, love the outfit, but that hot pink heart blush/cheek concept kinda ruined the whole color scheme, lmao


My Octopus Girl OC- Aleshka (20 years)


She looks more of a bat than a octopus, you should try using the actual octopus misc-accessories that the game features to give it a more octopus-feeling.

I agree with Mari, she kind of does look more like a bat.

Maybe use the octopus eyes or something, or maybe use webs for your ears and a different skin color, it just doesnt give me much of a octopus-feeling.



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i made an mha oc :3

name: mia


hero name: bubbly


anyone who hears her sing will instantly be under her control (if she wants).if she does it to long she will go tone deaf for five minutes. she transfered to the hero class could pass the exam but she could in the finals in the national school ua olypic thingy fight ( i dont what its actually called)

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This is Nami, she is a fish monster.

She is lesbian (homosexual), currently married with Kaiyo.

She likes to go to beaches, usually when she is by a beach she swims in the deep sea for 30 minutes to 2 hours. There has only been a few accidents in the deep sea.

She sadly doesnt know her biological parents. But she has foster mothers. She was raised by two travelers, and met Kaiyo during traveling, so she said to her mothers that she would stay in Oregon with Kaiyo. Her parents moved to Oregon with her, but they still travel.

Her age is 25, she has been with Kaiyo for 9 years. Her child is Kohana.

Her hobby is swimming and reading, her favorite book is The Martian. Her favorite colors are Yellow, Gray, Pink, and White. She has a very good mindset, but she is able to cry easily. 

it's like cupid turned into a human, and i love that

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Cow Girl

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