Available on Android & iOS (recommended)!

Ever wanted to create your own cute monster character but didn't know where to start? Lost on what aesthetics they should have, what face details or hairstyle they could wear? Well, Monster Girl Maker could help you with those worries!

Monster Girl Maker is a character creator where you can design a variety of portraits using over 300 different parts; skin, eyes, mouth, eyebrows, hair, accessories & clothes.

- Click on the bottom arrow to access the character parts.
- Drag left and right on the tab menu, or tap the arrow buttons, to go through the different sections. 
- Click on the left arrow to access the save/load section. Swipe left to close it.
- Click on view icon to hide the UI. Click anywhere to show it again.

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thanks to this game I was finally able to see my truth self

I'm not even being sarcastic I have rly bad identity issues as a trans NB w mental health & I rly did jst make an account to thank you

I like it

hey! I think you'd like this posts if you're having bad identity issues! https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/joshua-m-ferguson/non-binary-trans-people_b_124431... http://www.qublgbt.com/?page_id=511 https://www.quora.com/How-can-someone-be-non-binary-or-genderqueer-and-yet-trans...

Wicked awesome and aesthetic as hECc.



proof that punk's not dead

could there be an option to remove the ears? (for those wanting to use the cat ears instead)


Yeah, We'll be adding this in the next update

oh, that's great, I can't wait c:


Idk why I made this but I call it Mannequin Challenge! 

?????????????????????????????? this challenge?

It's very creepy! But thats what I was going for!!


really love this game.

i don't know what i made but i like it?


besst. Game. Ever (at least its the best one I've played... Idk if its ur fave too but yh)

besst. Game. Ever (at least its the best one I've played... Idk if its ur fave too but yh)

How do you access hair and stuff on computer? I feel like it's obvious and I'm just being dumb...

where you chose the eyes etc, you drag across and it wit slide alone to the hair :3

h u m a n . s n a k e .

can I use this colour scheme for an oc monster on here... I'm not showing it or anything, I just like the colours :3


This is just great <3


Love this!


I love this game sm! c:


alien cutie!

(1 edit) (+4)

teddy bear girl :)


nobody cares girl


@Kandytheclown You're very nice to people :/


ik very nicepeople


im a clown i don't even have a heart so how am i nice plus i was only doing that because someone dared me to -_-

I also used it, it is a really cute/creepy app

This isn't for me, it is just a monster girl i create for a friend, but i have my owns monster girls :3


can someone explain to me how to save it to my computer instead of just the game? 

Press Printscreen on your keyboard (PrtSc) and open up Paint and click Paste. Then just crop it to your liking and save it as an image.

Thank you. I really appreciate your help

My pleasure :D

so i tried to load up one of my characters but she wasnt the way i made her, her face was blank and he had no front hair, other than that i really like it.

I like it

this is the most human girl i could make

I took a screenshot of my monster girls but where do they go to on my computer?...

They go into your computer files, where everything on you computer stays. I don't know what type of computer you have, but you should be able to access it in your hotbar. (Also, Russia is great)

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I wish I could change the pink and blue accents on the items. Sometimes the I choose colors that clashes with the accents. It also would be cool to mismatch eyes, have more piercings, nose, and eyebrows options. Other than that I love this game!


Thank you for more items! 

its update?


when the game its update?


prolly the prettiest monster ive ever seen! I love this so much <3 good job

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