Available on Android & iOS (recommended)!

Ever wanted to create your own cute monster character but didn't know where to start? Lost on what aesthetics they should have, what face details or hairstyle they could wear? Well, Monster Girl Maker could help you with those worries!

Monster Girl Maker is a character creator where you can design a variety of portraits using over 300 different parts; skin, eyes, mouth, eyebrows, hair, accessories & clothes.

- Click on the bottom arrow to access the character parts.
- Drag left and right on the tab menu, or tap the arrow buttons, to go through the different sections. 
- Click on the left arrow to access the save/load section. Swipe left to close it.
- Click on view icon to hide the UI. Click anywhere to show it again.

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Lupin the Cyclops  

I cant get to the hair-

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lily shes an 18 year old girl and shes lesbianShes a 16 year old girl and her name is lily

I think that there are glasses for cyclops



I made Neferpitou from Hunter x Hunter ❤ Sooo Cute!









the game wont let me play it the screen is black and if i try to do anything or restore it, it wont work so pleas help me?

same problem, wondering if there are any solutions?



idk just my gacha life character :P yep i  playing   gacha   life her name honey bee :P

Malin, lesbian pig girl.


shes a bubblegum/slime girl. this is my first upload sooo...(/~.~/)

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Maybe you’ve been wanting to create an O.C, but never really knew how to start, or you just enjoy making O.C’s. This masterlist is to help you in making your own O.C’s. It can also apply to developing RP characters I suppose! (´ヮ`)!

How to Write Better OCs:

Basic Tips To Improve Your OCs & Fan Characters

Basic Tips To Create Better Characters With Tragic & Traumatic Backstories


Common, Yet Terrible Character Descriptors - And How To Fix Them (And Write Better Descriptions In General)

Character Development:

Character Creation & Development Theory (Or, How To Make Characters 101!)

Character Development Questions

Building Better Backstories - Tips & Ideas

So You Want To Have An Attractive Character?

Need an Appearance idea?

Human & Humanoid Character Generators

Character Appearance Generator - V3!

Quick Character Generator - V3!

Monster Girl and Boy Generator 

Monster Boy/Monster Girl Generator V2

Random Cat Generator

Mary Sue/Gary Stu:

"Does My Character Work Okay?" - How To Tell For Yourself!


So You Want To Have A Powerful Or Talented Character Who Probably Won't Be Perceived As A Mary Sue?


Villain Generator

Evil Name Generator

Mindsets & Rationales That Lend Well To Villainy


Character Perceptions 

8 Ways to Write Better Characters

The Bad OC Love Interest's Handbook

Romantic Couple Development Questions

Tips To Create Better OC Relatives of Canon Characters 


The 12 Common Archetypes

8 Archetypes For Heroes & Heroines

Female Archetypes We Haven't Talked About: Dark vs. Pale Beauties

A List of Character Archetypes


Random Name Generator

List of the 1000 Most Common Surnames in the U.S.

Browse Names


Tips 'N Stuff For Better Character Design

Basic Character Appearance Generator

Character Design References

Clothing references




Outfit, Costume, Clothing, & Wardrobe Generators

Steampunk/Neo-Victorian Outfit Generator

Random Fashion Style Preference Generator

Random Dress Generator


Tips & Ideas To Make Better & More Interesting Powers

A (Somewhat) Comprehensive List of Possible Careers for Characters

Character Interests Generator

Character Skills Generator

Character Motivation Generator

123 Ideas For Character Flaws

Cause of Death Generator

Backstory & Origin Generators

Random Character Quirk Generator

Personality Generator

Fandom-Relevant Generator Index

City Generator

Location & Setting Generators

Item & Artifact Generators

Law Generator

Landscape Generator

Need Item names?

Medicine Name Generator

Item Generators

Item & Artifact Generators

Other stuff!

Genre, Plot, & Story Prompt Generators

"How Your Pairing Met" Generator

Fan Fiction Story Prompt Generator


Huh? Everyone, you've been taken over by an evil being!
Save me!
Setsuna Scarlet Storm!
Phew, I managed to save the world again today!

Created her while listening to: CHASE!


mabel pines uwu

mabel pines

You kinda forgot the nose ;-;

someone give me an idea

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Here! a Monster Girl and Boy Generator

And here's another one if you didn't like that one

i cant find the bottom arrow

Charm the creepy clown chick. :)
Idk blue and black is the first color scheme that popped into my head. 

I attempted to make Tsuyu Asui (MHA) but I failed.  It's whatever Lol.

Here's my CreepyPasta OC, I've been looking for the perfect game that isn't too gory, but not to... ungory..? Her name is Vixen.


Daughter of the March Hare

Inspired by the Ever After High series... not actually sure if they have a March Hare offspring...
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Fight on!

Created her while listening to:

Isn't Love The Sun?

You're No Longer Alone

Flash Resolution

Happy Life's SMILING!

Someday of my life

A Dream Without A Dream Isn't A Dream

I'm starting to put songs on the posts mostly cuz I like listening to songs that give off the aesthetic of the character I'm planning to do, I won't put more than 6 songs tho lol I don't like spamming songs


Ohh that's a good idea. 

I love this game! i also have it one my phone. really good!

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Kan kan?
Kan kan?
Kan kan?

Created her while listening to: One More Sunshine Story


This is my oc, Karma. She's a Krampus-like monster.

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fuck yall

It didn't work?

You mean as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49271856, or https://www.youtube.com/49271856? because both don't work


I like to imagine someone just asked her out, and she is excited and surprised. Thanks for looking at my monster girl, you're beautiful, love you.






i made this kinda emo sheep girl her name is Oliva and...... thats it :3                       CRINGE!!!!!!!!!!

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bbbbbb lasagna


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I made my Creepypasta oc. Her name is Miss Fairytale. She looks like a princess and says unsettling things when she appears in corridors, She will also sing at night. She kills people sometimes. She used to be a girl named Annie. When she kills you, she says "I am your nightmare, be engulfed in blood." So Annie was a 9 year old girl who had some sort of problem. She talked to her rabbit stuffie, it was her only friend. The rabbit stuffie told her to do terrible things. She was thought to be insane, but as it turns out the plush rabbit is alive and has taken control of her. She got her name from her love of fairy tales. The rabbit searches for more victims to control. Reply to me if you find her too similar to any other creepypastas.

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so i made this bunny girl, her name is Cherry.Shes shy around people she doesen't know but really fun and crazy around people she trusts. Her father passed away when she was 5. (shes 15 right now) btw how do you crop the image?

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Hope i'm not too late but, for Chromebooks you press down ctrl shift and windows button at the same time (the one that looks like a box with lines next to it.) then you click and drag to screenshot a part of the screen. 


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