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It doesn't work..


this game isnt even really a game

This is such a cute little game and I bet even this small portion took a long time to make and I appreciate that. 


This game is cute, but I wish there was more customization other than clothes, like changing hairstyles, hair/eye colors, etc.


this game is fun and boring at the same time.


This game very bored!


heyyyyyy, do you think I could get you email if you have one? you seem really cool, and I would love to stay in contact w/ you

i hope this doesn't come across as super creepy ToT

oh hey guys didnt expect to see you here


This is coolllll


Here's my girl, Alice <3




this is a great game!!haha!!!!!


This is Cassie and I already love her UwU


i only get the black and red ones :C


This is actually really creative! Even if it's short, it's still a really good game.

Hello! I absolute love the game! Buut may I ask if you can add a windows version if that's possible? I know this project got canceled or dropped out but is it okay for a windows version?



sorry i HAD to do that

This was a short but cute game. I hope you continue to make more, your style is lovely!

I watch videos in the comments and feel so pity that I don't have oppotunity to create my own, adorable ghoul girl because I click the egg continously but there is nothing happens. What wrong with it or I do something wrong? This is really funny clicker game, Freegames66 should add it to the list of clicker games on it.


loved the idea of the game i wished you guys would keep it going but oh well! Grow your own ghoul girl- 3:37


some gurl eggs is ugliest :"D Add Long Hair Gurl Please

Have you ever wanted to experience what it is like to have your very own ghoul girl? Well, you've come to the right place!

I'm using the phone app. Whenever I reset, it always appears the black and pink egg, even after I restarted the app... I also think that instead of just the same combinations of colors (black-pink, blue-orange, green-purple, etc.), the combination should also be randomized OR there should be more combinations available... 


geekremix played ur game!! they rlly liked it!!

Cute... but there really isnt anything to do. Will check back later when you have added things.

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