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I Cannot stop playing this game they're so cute oml

im guessing this girl is sisters with gush


oml shes so cute

i never knew ghouls come out of eggs-


tokyo ghoul generation 🙄

I got this one now

my baby Rin

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Omg this is so creepy cute! Love it! 

aweeeee i luv this game.

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woah the art is so neon here i love it! i like the different stages you have to do to get your ghoul child also and the different outfits are so detailed and cool, lastly the music fits a scary but babyish kinda song to, nice work!


i dont know how to play de game

Just keep tapping the egg/ ghoul until she hatches and grows! :)) 


i keep getting the same person WHAT THE HELL UNIVERSE.

my mom saw me playing this on my phone at the dinner and now im not the rude man she thought i was, but i dont care i still love my new gf

tell your mom love have no limits even in games

This is mrs.kesha c:


she is adorable

Mine doesn’t work when i tap my egg at all idk when it works.

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my lil monster girl :( shes so cute omggg

i got an egg with my favorite color

how do you get it

(sorry this is 2 months late) keep taping the egg until it reaches its toddler  stage, and keep taping the toddler, then they'll be a grown up, you can keep taping her but nothing will happen lol. but you can change her outfit, look at the menu box, then there should be a dress icon, just press that and you can change her outfit. 

Hope this helps!


UNBELIEVABLE its good and I liked the sound but also its creepy. IF ONLY IT WAS'NT DROPPED. THUMBS UP FROM ME  FOR CREATING  IT 



It doesn't work..

Same- my thing didnt work either.


this game isnt even really a game


This is such a cute little game and I bet even this small portion took a long time to make and I appreciate that. 


This game is cute, but I wish there was more customization other than clothes, like changing hairstyles, hair/eye colors, etc.


Agreed it's only just clothes maybe there should be hearts you earn as that is what your filling up anyways, just hearts as a currency to buy the dressup stuff and makeup and accessories. :)


this game is fun and boring at the same time.

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