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This is actually really creative! Even if it's short, it's still a really good game.

Hello! I absolute love the game! Buut may I ask if you can add a windows version if that's possible? I know this project got canceled or dropped out but is it okay for a windows version?

This was a short but cute game. I hope you continue to make more, your style is lovely!

I watch videos in the comments and feel so pity that I don't have oppotunity to create my own, adorable ghoul girl because I click the egg continously but there is nothing happens. What wrong with it or I do something wrong? This is really funny clicker game, Freegames66 should add it to the list of clicker games on it.


loved the idea of the game i wished you guys would keep it going but oh well! Grow your own ghoul girl- 3:37


some gurl eggs is ugliest :"D Add Long Hair Gurl Please

Have you ever wanted to experience what it is like to have your very own ghoul girl? Well, you've come to the right place!

I'm using the phone app. Whenever I reset, it always appears the black and pink egg, even after I restarted the app... I also think that instead of just the same combinations of colors (black-pink, blue-orange, green-purple, etc.), the combination should also be randomized OR there should be more combinations available... 


geekremix played ur game!! they rlly liked it!!

Cute... but there really isnt anything to do. Will check back later when you have added things.

it nt working

super cute!


The game won't start up. It looks broken and I have no idea how to fix it. This is what it looks like:


same here


Same issue here, it's such a shame too, looks like a lovely game.

try tapping the screen


your message was long ago but...

Very interesting, I thought it was cute. Maybe you can make the girl look different for each person though, to add a bit of a surprise effect to it


HELP. When i downloaded it it only showed a white screen with a black box in the corner with the name and an enlarge icon. HELP. When i downloaded it it only showed a white screen with a black box in the corner with the name and an enlarge icon.


How do you change the skin color,face, hair? cuz I cant change it only the clothes

I think your only suppose to change the clothes


having the same problems as many, the game loads as a white screen with a smaller blue screen but nothing else and is unusable.


This game looks very cute but when I installed it all that happened was a white window opened up and then a little black box in the corner iwth the name and that's it


I installed it and when i launched it a window popped up and a black box with an enlarge button popped up in the window with the name of the game and nothing happens. please help


I gave it a play! It was super cute.

dis is great! if only i could get into tho...

named mine john cena


I can't seem to get it to start up right, it just kinda puts a blue box in one corner with the fullscreen button that does nothing, and the name next to it. help?


Oh, i get it, why did it let me download it?

Reelly cute i love it! It's great to see one of my favorite artist work in a game! I would love if there where added more features. ^^

Idon't know if this was a bug, but it felt like i had to hatch the egg three times before it hatched, (that's a bad explanation, sorry). But i clicked and the hatchcing animation came and then i had to do it again?

Well, it's official. I've grown an entire army of ghoulish girls, and my army will soon take over the planet. Many thanks!


Such a cute game! SO much clicking! My finger actually started to cramp XD I would love to see more added. Mini games with the ghoul, activities, feeding maybe? This would make an adorable Tamagotchi like game, I think. I like the art and colors. Well done :)

This was super cute!! I love the artstyle and the clothing options for this lil' game. I'd love to see this more fleshed out, maybe with doing mini games to buy accessories or other things? I dunno but this was a sweet lil' time spender.

Hi, I thought this game looked cute but whenever I click at "Tap anywhere to begin," it just crashes. I'm using web on chrome book. Just thought I'd tell you, I hope to play it someday. c:


I'm having the exact same problem. I'm also on chromebook, and its only worked for me once. I love the game, but I'd love it more if I could actually play it.